Sizing Guide

Picking the right size bike for your child is crucial in ensuring they get the most out of cycling.  If it fits right, it’s more comfortable and riding is more fun.  Below is a sizing chart to give you an idea of sizes.  

Use these three easy steps to measure your child’s inside leg length:

  1. Stand your child against a wall in their socks
  2. Place a small book between their legs, as high as comfortable
  3. Ask your child to move away, and measure from the top of the book to the floor
ModelAgeMinimum Rider HeightMinimum Inside Leg
Ti-Go One Balance Bike 2+tbctbc
Squish 12 Balance Bike 2+85cm27.5cm
Squish 14 Hybrid
Squish 16 Hybrid
Squish 18 Hybrid 5+110cm50cm
Squish 20 Hybrid 6+113cm53.5cm
Squish 24 Hybrid
Squish 26 Hybrid (13" frame) 9+145cm67cm
Squish 26 Hybrid (15" frame) 9+145cm70cm
Squish 650b Hybrid10+146cm72cm